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friends only one piece new world 2
夢見る心は ちょーデカイ
醒めないことが 大事
じっと出来ない 止まれない
夜明けが遅くて ジレったい
Our dreaming hearts are ridiculously vast,
but what's important is to make sure that they don't wake up.
We can't just stay still! We can't let ourselves stop!
We're growing impatient at the late arrival of dawn.
[pkmn] sheriffchu

*all your preconceptions they will come unbound*


Every time I try and get this damn clearfile I always lose. I set my max bid to 3500 yen this time 'cause the last auction only went to 1700 yen (and I slept through that one) and this one went for 3900! What is it about this clearfile?!

sapporo clearfile

If anyone on my f-list has any leads to this thing please let me know, I'd be eternally grateful. I'm desperate! щ(ಥДಥщ)
[pkmn] pokefriends~!

*baby, we're coming to save you*

Excuse me while I do all the fangirling over Tiger & Bunny. It was on Hulu and I had heard so many good things from my friends when it first came out, so I thought why not.

I am now a fan, to say the least. I mean, who can resist these adorable characters?!

The animation was awesome, very crisp and colorful. The suits were pretty cool as well, although at times the CG and animation looked a bit weird when the characters had their masks up. I hope a season 2 happens! I liked the ending, but would love to see more of those two. I need to watch the movies next. I've also gotten into the music (as I usually do with any anime I really enjoy). I especially love the character songs, specifically Kotetsu and Barnaby's.

And then my roommate Chris is on vacation so he wanted to watch Attack on Titan since he'd been hearing so much about it. We got to episode 6. He thought it was interesting, but doesn't want to watch much more of it. I will definitely be watching the rest, after which I'll try and watch Free!. I have a feeling I'll need some happy after watching AoT. ^^; 
[pkmn] cosmic aura

*do you wanna feel beautiful?*

Serious question for my artist friends. I really want to get another tattoo soon, mostly to cover up the one on my ankle since the artist fucked it up and I don't like it.

My thing is, I want a tattoo of Xerneas. I can't do Xerneas justice myself, so I was thinking of commissioning a piece for my tattoo. But, I am absolutely in love with the artwork in my icon. My question is, should I ask the artist for permission? Obviously they couldn't really do anything about it if I did get the tattoo without their permission, but I feel like they should get a say in it, it is their artwork. Honestly, if they did say no I'd probably go with my commission idea instead. I'd be a bit disappointed, but I want to respect their wishes.

Thoughts? Opinions? Also I will probably need the help of my Japanese speaking friends if I do ask them, they're on Pixiv and I believe they only speak Japanese. ^^; I would gladly pay for your time and expertise, of course!
[pkmn] pokefriends~!

*you're such a fucking hypocrite*

Sooo, about that card lot I posted about yesterday...

Someone (most likely on the comm) is a huge fucking asshole because whoever I was bidding against knew how much I bid (since they were using Noppin as well) and then proceeded to shill bid me using FromJapan. I know this because the amount was just under my final bid amount. I won, but at more than four times the price it would have ended at had they not done that. This person is a vindictive little jerk and should be ashamed of themselves.

[pkmn] pokefriends~!

*this is all for you*

HEY so I have a lot to talk about soon, but not now, I have to get everything in order and pics need to be taken~

So real quick does anyone know what my Friend Safari type is? ;3; I finally got to and beat the Elite Four so now I'm running around like crazy filling up more of my pokedex. And I just joined the pkmncollectors 3DS friending meme so I could get more types! So if anyone has a chance to look and tell me I'd be really grateful. <3