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Excuse me while I do all the fangirling over Tiger & Bunny. It was on Hulu and I had heard so many good things from my friends when it first came out, so I thought why not.

I am now a fan, to say the least. I mean, who can resist these adorable characters?!

The animation was awesome, very crisp and colorful. The suits were pretty cool as well, although at times the CG and animation looked a bit weird when the characters had their masks up. I hope a season 2 happens! I liked the ending, but would love to see more of those two. I need to watch the movies next. I've also gotten into the music (as I usually do with any anime I really enjoy). I especially love the character songs, specifically Kotetsu and Barnaby's.

And then my roommate Chris is on vacation so he wanted to watch Attack on Titan since he'd been hearing so much about it. We got to episode 6. He thought it was interesting, but doesn't want to watch much more of it. I will definitely be watching the rest, after which I'll try and watch Free!. I have a feeling I'll need some happy after watching AoT. ^^; 
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The only thing I know about Tiger & Bunny is that, apparently, there's a character called Fire Emblem? He keeps showing up in my Fire Emblem search results on Tumblr and ebay. It's starting to annoy me.

Sounds like I have the same opinion as Chris about Attack on Titan. I watched the first 6 to 7 episodes. They were okay. I wouldn't be averse to watching more, but I also wouldn't go looking for more episodes. I think my main problem was that I did not care about any of the characters.
Haha, yes! He's a pretty cool character, though I know how frustrating it is to have a bunch of stuff turn up in a search when I'm looking for something else. ^^;

I did get attached to a couple of characters, but I fear that I may have to have the mentality that I have when I watch Game of Thrones: don't get attached to anyone 'cause they'll probably die. xD
I always wanted to watch it, but o time due to university now, ugh. I hope I can take the time when my exams are done.
You should definitely try to make time after university, it's worth it! :D