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Serious question for my artist friends. I really want to get another tattoo soon, mostly to cover up the one on my ankle since the artist fucked it up and I don't like it.

My thing is, I want a tattoo of Xerneas. I can't do Xerneas justice myself, so I was thinking of commissioning a piece for my tattoo. But, I am absolutely in love with the artwork in my icon. My question is, should I ask the artist for permission? Obviously they couldn't really do anything about it if I did get the tattoo without their permission, but I feel like they should get a say in it, it is their artwork. Honestly, if they did say no I'd probably go with my commission idea instead. I'd be a bit disappointed, but I want to respect their wishes.

Thoughts? Opinions? Also I will probably need the help of my Japanese speaking friends if I do ask them, they're on Pixiv and I believe they only speak Japanese. ^^; I would gladly pay for your time and expertise, of course!
Tags: art, hmm, tattoo, xerneas
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